People who think the world revolves around them

what is wrong with you?!

The first issue I feel obliged to discuss are the number of narcissistic individuals- who think that others should fucking praise the ground they walk on.

I understand they use that high self-esteem on the surface to hide their insecurities,but wake the fuck up and see that nobody gives a shit!Do these people not understand that they’re making their lives unnecessarily hard?

I mean we are all allowed to love ourselves but, depending on the existence of a reflection and the attention of others to produce the emotion of self- love, is shallow and just simply stupid. L.O.L

Look at the fact that looks will fade away, and people are going to forget who any of us were – unless you become some famous playwright or artist, even then you’re just a name on a shelf or a frame..nobody will care to research “Was….a popular” or “What was … Like?” Why waste our lives being happy the superficial way when we can be happy just being the person god made us?

Always remember that eternal happiness comes from making the right decisions,being humble, some other crap I don’t know and most importantly by always keeping in mind that when we leave this earth, everyone will eventually forget that we existed and that stupid act we put on just to have everyone notice us,was all a big fucking waste!

My advice to whoever sees this is to be whatever makes you genuinely happy! Screw what anyone thinks of you and screw who’s watching you be you! Flaunt the fact that you mess up sometimes and show what you truly feel. A wise person,well actually my bestfriend for 11 years now, had taught me that being a fucking weirdo who couldn’t give a fuck about how people look at you may make you an insignificant little loser but you will be a happier fucker than a person who tries so hard to match up to the idealistic view of what people want you to be…


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